We dedicate to helping doctors, and their patients see progress within no time and move to the next level. At cardo medical, every day is a chance for us to improve healthcare. We dedicate to helping doctors give their patients the best care there is in the industry since we firmly believe that nothing is impossible. We promise to continue delivering high-quality medical equipment at affordable prices.

— CEO, Dr. Uyun

The Story

We launched the company in 2008 and have been in business for a decade now — our Main Office at ASIA. Our Founder, Dr. Andrew Brooks, has extensive experience in the healthcare business for 20 years. He believes in his team and sees a lot of potential in the company.

Cardo Medical is a company that has everybody’s interest at heart. We aim at catering to the needs of both the patients and surgeons by using high-end technologies to produce good quality medical equipment for sale. Our goal is to help Medical procedures reduce operating time and help patients recover fast. Choose us today as your medical equipment supplier and transform the lives of your patients as you make your work easy.

About Cardo Medical

The medical field continues to advance due to the collaboration of medical equipment. In the past, some procedures were not possible since complex medical equipment was not yet invented. Most patients who suffered health problem become incapable of going back to their normal lives due to costly Medical Devices.

Thanks to the development of medical devices from Cardo Medical, we are transforming the industry and restoring the lives of patients. These devices look promising in the medical industry as they help eliminate disorders. We use advanced technology to produce and distribute medical equipment for clinic or hospital.

The Products

We distribute medical equipment products in different healthcare facilities to help patients who need to undergo various Medical procedures. These products reduce unnecessary imaging during the operation thus making work easy for the doctor. A patient can also make the right treatment decisions that come with fewer effects.

We also produce reconstructive joint devices which help in the replacement of body joints and other parts of the body such as the hip and knee. The spinal surgical devices are products which are used to make the spine stable thus facilitating fusion.

Cardo Medical also supplies AED Defibrillators, Autoclave Sterilizer, Ultrasound Equipment, EKG Machine, Medical Ventilators, and Any Medical Equipment from major brands. The FDA approves all of our products since we make them according to the set standards.

All our developments are designed with the patients and surgeons in mind. There is also an innovative product pipeline that is still pending awaiting clearance by the FDA. Our medical equipment for sale come in high quality to improve the outcome of Medical procedures.

The Office

13 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983.

Phone:+6573367 4153