Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators in 2023

Portable Oxygen Concentrators is a machine used to supply up to 95% of pure oxygen to patients. If you have never had someone close to you use the oxygen concentrator, it might be puzzling when you meet someone using it. So why do people use oxygen concentrators even at home? An oxygen concentrator helps increase oxygen levels in the blood, which means that individuals who use oxygen concentrators lack enough oxygen.

Oxygen deficiency is detrimental to the heart and overall body health. A person suffering from low oxygen concentration might be mentally confused, lose consciousness, be unable to coordinate or become giddy. In extreme cases, the individual will experience nausea, faint, and, worse, may die.

Hypoxemia is the term used to describe the blood’s lower-than-normal oxygen levels. People developing the condition will exhibit signs like anxiety and confusion, and sometimes they become excessively restless. And that is the reason why the best portable oxygen concentrator should be used to help reverse the effects.

What are Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

“Portable” means a thing that can be carried around easily. Therefore, a portable oxygen concentrator is smaller, is mobile, and provides oxygen therapy to individuals who require additional oxygen than the levels present in ambient air. We will, therefore, try to cover everything about portable oxygen concentrators.

How do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Works?


The Portable oxygen concentrator works by drawing in ambient air that consists of nitrogen and oxygen from within the room where it has been placed, which then goes through the compressor where oxygen is compressed. Nitrogen is removed from the air, and the mechanism adjusts how the air is delivered. The released air is purified and provided to the patients using a nasal cannula, mask, or oxygen tubing.

This is the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator in 2023

1. Airsep Focus ($1,199.00)


Airsep Portable concentrators come in different designs, such as the freestyle five portable concentrators and the focus portable concentrator. The good thing with the Airsep portable concentrators is that even at 3 liters per minute, it is whisper-quiet, and the battery will last up to about 2 hours.

The pulse settings are 5 to cater to the different flow rate levels, and given its portability, the concentrator can be carried to the gym, the airplanes, to parks. It will not in any way come in the way of your activities. And if you don’t want to attract too much attention, you can conveniently place it in the backpack for comfort.


  • Approved for use in flights by the FAA
  • Exceptionally quiet can thus be used even in libraries or on flight nights
  • The backpack is padded and has straps soft for maximum comfort
  • Incorporated is a manual that contains everything about portable concentrators
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  • Airsep Portable concentrator reviews complain of the machine becoming hot when users scale to more than 2litres per minute
  • The battery takes a long time to charge

2. Philips Go Mini ($2,045.00)


The Philips portable concentrator is light in weight but very durable and offers almost double the oxygen output compared to the same standard concentrators. Using the Philips concentrator, you can access the dedicated sleep mode that will offer you a comfortable oxygen pulse when sleeping with an enhanced trigger level.

If the Philips Portable concentrator fails to detect breathing, it will automatically administer continuous oxygen flow about the continuous flow mode setting. The unit has an extra rechargeable battery, an accessory bag, and a user manual for ease of use. The unit comes with a manual that contains almost everything about portable concentrators. 


  • The Philips portable concentrator unit is lightweight at only 4.5kgs
  • Offers pulse dose delivery and oxygen flow in a single unit
  • Concerning Philips mobile concentrator reviews, the machine comes with an easy-to-carry backpack for comfort during movement
  • The oxygen concentrator is easy to assemble and operate


  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • The seller doesn’t offer service

3. Inogen One g5 ($1,695.00)

Inogen One G5

A portable concentrator from INOGEN features intelligent delivery technology, especially when you are sleeping or resting. Whenever you go to sleep, your breathing rate will slow down. The inogen portable concentrator will detect the lower number of breaths and adjust the size of each volume so it delivers the same amount of oxygen.

Moreover, intelligent delivery technology will detect even shallow mouth breaths usually present at night and trigger a bolus dose of oxygen on a fixed minute volume. The portable inogen concentrator is lightweight, weighing only 4.8 pounds, and for convenience of carrying, just put it over your shoulder.

What’s more is that the Inogen concentrator is 90% plus or minus three on all five levels of settings, and the best thing is that it has a low oxygen feature, the “O2 Sensor.” The latter’s function is to alarm you if oxygen concentration exceeds the therapeutic range.

And unlike other concentrators, Inogen does not feature an internal battery but instead uses an external battery cartridge that can be easily inserted or disconnected via the provided push button. During purchase, a manual is incorporated into everything about portable concentrators. Cardo Medical has Inogen One G4 Portable Concentrators and Inogen One G3 Portable Concentrator Systems.


  • upon new purchase, it comes with extra batteries
  • Features an internal oxygen sensor
  • It incorporates a sensitive breathing detection trigger
  • The battery can last up to 4.5 hours in a 2-hour setting


  • According to Inogen, portable concentrator reviews indicate that the oxygen concentrator’s case heats up quite easily
  • The zipper is not displayed correctly

4. Resmed Mobi ($1,295.00)

Resmed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The ResMed Mobi concentrator incorporates up to four settings and is slightly heavy at 5 pounds, while other products of the same standard weigh a mere 4.5. The portable concentrator features intelligent technology that automatically senses how you breathe and adjust, whether inactive or in rest mode.

The incorporated mobi display will provide information on the machine’s battery life and show you when the doses of oxygen are delivered. You will receive a stylish, functional, easy-to-clean carry bag upon purchase. The machines also come with a manual that contains everything about portable concentrators.

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  • The portable concentrator is an FAA-approved
  • The Resmed portable concentrator reviews indicate that it features a simple and easy-to-use push button
  • Incorporates an intelligent system that adjusts the oxygen flow rate as required
  • Easy to move around with, given the portable carry bag provided

5. Sequal Eclipse 5 ($2,090.00)


The sequel eclipse 5 features a new 2019 portable model for the different categories of oxygen patients; the concentrator can support your active lifestyle, thus giving you more freedom and independence. The machine features intelligent technology (AutoSAT). It will, therefore, adjust your breathing rate.

AutoSat technology is also famous for maintaining a constant volume supply of oxygen, even when your breathing changes. If you wish to travel out of the country, FDA approved the Sequal EclispseFAA in airplanes.

The machine also comes with a wheeled cart for ease of movement, and when connected to an AC or DC power source, the eclipse 5 unit will automatically start charging.


  • It comes with a two-wheeled mobile cart
  • Features an easy-to-read LCD control panel
  • The portable concentrator is FAA-approved; thus, users can travel with their dose of oxygen supply.
  • It comes with a custom carry bag. You can, therefore, detach it from the rolling cart.


  • Concerning sequel eclipse five portable concentrator reviews, the price has been kept secret, making it hard for the customers to make a conclusive decision. 

6. SeQual eQuinox ($2,995.00)

SeQual eQuinox

Among the most portable concentrators, the Sequal Equinox turns out to be the heaviest at 12.5 pounds and 14 pounds, including the battery. However, its performance is top-notch, providing up to 3 liters per minute of oxygen supply.

Incorporated is the intelligent AutoSAT technology that adjusts the flow rate level of the breathing rate. And to raise the bar high for other competitors in the market, the Sequal Equinox features a voice alert system that is also audible. The feature helps inform the user of the flow rate settings and the remaining battery life.

  • Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow
  • 14 Pounds – Lighter and Smaller than the Eclipse 5
  • Up to 5.7 Hours of Battery Life with a Complete Package


  • The equinox portable concentrator is FAA approved
  • Equinox portable concentrator reviews praise the machine as it incorporates a durable battery
  • the battery can be switched easily on the go
  • Includes the latest Autostart technology and the pulse dose sensitivity settings


  • According to the equinox portable concentrator reviews, the machine turns out to be much heavier than others with the same functions in the market.

Things to consider before buying Portable Oxygen Concentrators

before buying Portable Oxygen ConcentratorsBefore purchasing an oxygen concentrator, there are several factors that one has to consider, such as portability. Some concentrators come with a bag to make it convenient for you to move with it anywhere, even when boarding a plane. So to help you in the selection process, we will provide you with almost everything about portable concentrators that will guide you in selecting the best portable concentrator.


Using an oxygen concentrator is not the best thing, but essential; therefore, people will give you unwarranted special attention. So to prevent being the center of attraction, it could be convenient if the concentrator were whisper silent. In this regard, it all boils down to their construction and power levels.

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Flow Rate

Your doctor primarily determines the capabilities of your concentrator flow rate. Flow rate refers to the rate at which oxygen moves to the patient through the machine, so before you purchase the concentrator, discuss with your doctor the flow rate level that you need, whether high or low.

Remember that companies manufacture oxygen concentrators, which all come with different flow rate levels regarding the user’s needs. 

Oxygen concentration levels

The filtration system and the nitrogen sieve system in a concentrator will determine the level of pure oxygen content delivered to a patient. Therefore, different concentrators offer different concentration levels, and a high-powered red oxygen concentrator would be helpful for patients who need high oxygen flow rates. A smaze oxygen concentrator usually features low flow rate levels.


Portable oxygen concentrators are available from different vendors but should not be expected to provide high flow rates, as they are portable. Remember that the filtration tools incorporated in the concentrator have been minimized to make the concentrator lightweight. Therefore, patients who require high oxygen flow rates might not be sufficient with portable oxygen concentrators. 

Carrying containers

Some of the high-powered concentrators do come with a carrying container. However, the bags and containers work effectively with the portable concentrators ensuring that you get your constant dose of oxygen wherever you want.

Another vital factor you should consider when buying portable oxygen concentrators is the ease of changing the filter system. Some concentrators will warn you if the machine is not working correctly and if they don’t detect a breath.

Summary / Conclusion

The above excerpt aims to give you information about portable concentrators to guide your decision-making. Different patients have different needs and thus different types of concentrators; however, before you settle for a concentrator, let your doctor recommend one for your condition. All the above portable concentrators are functional and have incorporated innovative features.


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