Portable Ultrasound Machines for Hospital Providers

The portable ultrasound machine sounds like it would be some new technological invention that only special or precious people could have. Your doctor tells you that you need an ultrasound, but you have no idea why or what an ultrasound even is. So, what exactly is an Ultrasound machine? Ultrasound machines are machines that send out high-frequency sound waves that then reflect off the body structures. It is sent to a computer; then this computer makes a picture out of these waves.

The ultrasound machine will take a picture of your organs or wherever needs looked at and make it easier to examine those areas. Nowadays, with technology working overtime, we have more accessible ways to get ultrasounds done. Now there is portable ultrasound for hospitals and healthcare providers. This makes everyone’s lives much more manageable. So, what do we need to know about this portable ultrasound? Who do we contact for a portable ultrasound machine for sale?

Portable Ultrasound Machine

Many clinics, healthcare providers, hospitals, health departments, and others are using portable ultrasound. Portable ultrasound is very beneficial. They assist our healthcare professionals to give patients a faster and efficient diagnosis. This increases more time they can be with their patients. When the patients are happy, the outcomes of their treatment come out better.

The Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machines


The portable ultrasound will eliminate patients having to wait hours and hours to get their ultrasound taken, or to get their results. At a recent hospital visit, I remember having to wait in one room until the machine was ready for me. There was only one machine in one place. When you have an agenda for your day, nothing is better than having to wait three hours or more until the room is ready.

Having a portable ultrasound would have been great, and not waiting is what we want, right? Anything to get us in and out, and on with our lives makes us happier. Waiting, on the other hand, is not how we want to spend our day. Another benefit to the ultrasound machine being portable is the doctors can see more patients or add time to the appointment itself. This way, we feel as if our doctor is spending more time with us and makes it worth it when our doctor truly is showing concern.

Gynecology Ultrasounds

When you are having a baby, your gynecologist will perform an ultrasound, or you will be sent to a doctor who does this for you.  The ultrasound for pregnant women warrants care and wellbeing for moms to be. The portable ultrasound machines are radiation-free, and they give the doctors information that they need immediately. 

Pregnant women can expect their doctors to give them more options, better decision making, less time wasted, and better treatment options because of portable ultrasound machines.  The portable ultrasound machines are growing and most likely becoming the standard in all hospitals.

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Choosing Portable Ultrasound Machine for Your Clinical Setting

When doctors decide on a portable ultrasound for their clinics, they should consider a few things.  Would you like to keep the style of your ultrasound machine that you have now? Or do you want an upgrade? It would be helpful to identify your ultrasound machine and how you use it correctly.

These machines are used in specialty fields of medicine, that is how doctors and clinics determine what kind of machine they want. An OBGYN would have a different ultrasound machine than someone in radiology. One determining factor in finding the right portable ultrasound is the budget. 

Finding out the budget for your ultrasound equipment will help you zero in on what kind of ultrasound machine you will get. Also, think about what all goes into the portable ultrasound machine. Will you need training? Who will install it? These factors will go into your budget, as well.

Factors to Consider When Buy Portable Ultrasound Machines

When purchasing a portable ultrasound machine, you also need to identify other factors. If you do not know a lot about these machines, you should study up. What type of features do you want on your machine? How many probes do you want? Additionally, have you decided on the portable ultrasound, or do you want a stationary one? If you are planning on taking the ultrasound machine out of the office and providing services elsewhere, then clearly, the portable ultrasound is the best option for you.

When purchasing the portable ultrasound machine, always keep in mind that a portable ultrasound will not be providing you with the exact image that a large ultrasound machine will give you. Always be aware of what the options are for you and your practice.

If you are serious about purchasing a new portable ultrasound, the best thing to do is to contact the representatives for these ultrasound machines. The providers and reps should be able to provide you with a better price, better information, and even better education on these machines.

Before the Purchase

Before taking the plunge and buying a portable ultrasound machine, you want to make sure that you test it out and see how it works and if you like what it provides to you. To honestly know what kind of work the ultrasound machine can do, try it out first. Some providers will offer a free one-week period where they let doctors and healthcare agencies try out the machines. If the machines do not meet your expectations, then you can try another one.

If you are having issues with the financing of the ultrasound machines, try to negotiate with your providers the terms and conditions. Also, make sure you get a warranty with a full reimbursement. One issue that many people do not think about when making this purchase is if the spare parts for your machine are readily available. 

Think about if your machine broke down, how long would it take to fix or get new parts to you? How many patients would have to reschedule or go elsewhere? Make sure you always keep these things written down or in your head so that you can make the right decision for your practice.

The Latest Technologies Portable Ultrasound Machines

Latest-Technologies-Portable-Ultrasound Machines

Now that you know what factors to look for in your portable ultrasound machine purchase let’s begin to look at the latest technologies for the portable ultrasound. First, the best thing about portable ultrasound is precisely that; they’re portable! You can take them anywhere.

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You could even make house calls if that were an option. This is an excellent option for a lot of older patients. Some portable ultrasound machines also work on Android and iOS phones and tablets. This is a huge plus! They will even auto-adjust for you, no need for knobs any longer; the machine does it all.

They are also coming with high resolution and top image quality. What else, it will take less than 30 seconds to boot up. That’s great technology! These portable ultrasounds are mostly handheld these days and going to change the world of healthcare soon. This will help doctors from over-diagnosing patients, which in turn saves money, time, and lets doctors see more patients and spend more quality time with them, instead of having tests run over and over. This will help the price of health care drop as well.

Portable Ultrasound Machine Reviews in 2022:

1. Ge VScan ($2,900.00)


The GE VScan is the smallest portable machine on the market. It is handheld; in fact, you hold it like you hold a cellular phone. The VScan is from GE Healthcare; it is a pocket-sized portable machine. It gives black and white images in real-time. Doctors can check the heart, abdominal organs, and urinary tract very quickly and also can provide fast results for an OBGYN, regarding fetal movements or any distress. 

This machine costs $7,900, comes with a 4 GB micro-SD card that you can get a larger one if you need to. It is pre-programmed for cardiac, abdominal, and obstetrical scans. It is also suitable for urology too. The advertisements say it will fit in your pocket. However, research has shown that it is too bulky to fit in scrub pockets of doctors and nurses. Everyone would worry about dropping this and breaking it before putting it into your scrub pockets. 

The battery life is quite long. It can perform tests and lasts through several shifts. It produces adequate images and quality. From the research done, this portable machine can provide a decent quality image and should be used first in residency programs. It’s a better environment for those who are in training.

2. Philips Lumify ($7,777.00)

Philips Lumify

Philips Lumify portable machine comes with three transducers and cables, a Samsung tablet, and a power cord. It also comes with a tablet case and a carrying bag. They offer a 5-year warranty as well. To begin, plug in one of your transducers in your device through a USB, there’s an app to download, and that’s it. 

The transducers have different purposes from high-resolution imaging to gynecological exams. You can freeze images and save them for records and your patients. The Lumify app lets you see the estimated gestational age and fetal weight for unborn babies. You can even calculate the fetal heart rate.

There are ways to create profiles for all of your patients and hold their records safely. These are HIPAA compliant as well. You can import files by using the patient’s barcodes. Philips has three pricing options; you can borrow it monthly if you are in the United States. The second option is to buy this flat out for $8,000. Then the third option is to get on the five-year payment plan. This is an excellent quality portable ultrasound worth looking into.

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3. Terason Usmart 3200t

This portable machine is designed for emergency medicine, anesthesia, and critical care areas. It weighs less than 5 pounds and comes with a charging dock. It runs on Windows 7 Touch, has a 128GB hard drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, HDMI, has an SD card slot. You can request a mobile cart as well. From research done, this portable ultrasound is a decent one to use.

4. Mindray M9 ($14,999.00)

mindray m9

Mindray M9 is a top-of-the-line portable that gives you a higher resolution than others. It is used mostly in the cardiac fields. The battery lasts over 3.5 hours.

Mindray M9 is a premium Ultrasound platform facilitating a broad assortment of Ultrasound examinations that on a Premium Cart-based machine would have been completed in the past. Premium capability in a system for Cardiac, Vascular, Radiology, and Point of Care imaging.

Mindray M9 can give you confidence during patient diagnosis. Let our discussion help you understand Mindray M9 further so that you can assess if it fits your needs as a doctor and buy it for your clinic. Read on!

5. Chison Q9

Priced at $13,399, this portable ultrasound is given five stars. Extremely high quality, a very cool portable ultrasound and it has several functions. Works with:

  • OB & GYN
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal

Shows in Real-Time 4D imaging that is beautiful and vivid.

6. Chison Eco3 Expert

Black and white, the best portable ultrasound machine in this class. It has fantastic image quality. It has long battery life and an LED monitor.  It’s priced high for its abilities.

7. Sonosite Edge II ($25,000.00)

Sonosite EDGE II should be your device of choice. It enhances performance by boosting contrast resolution and increasing penetration.


It has sharpened detail resolution and high color sensitivity. It weighs about nine pounds. It comes with:

  • 2D  Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • M-Mode Velocity Color Doppler
  • Color Power Doppler PW
  • PW Tissue Doppler
  • CW Doppler angle
  • Correct after freeze

It is a great portable machine for the price as well.

8. Sonoscape S8 ($7,999.00)


The first portable ultrasound machine. Sonoscape S8 is a mid-range machine. It has a high-frequency linear transducer, compound imaging, tissue Doppler, triplex, and panoramic imaging. It is not that easy to use when you first get it. With the proper training, you’ll get it in two days, but alone, good luck.

In Conclusion

With all of this technology now completely at our fingertips, our doctor and patient options are growing. As technology develops, hopefully, our medical bills will become smaller, while our standards of medical improve tremendously. Doctors having these machines is the start of the beginning of better care in the healthcare realm. We at Cardo Medical give a discount and Free Shipping for ordering portable ultrasound machines.


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