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The Edge II boosts improvements in cardiac and abdominal picture quality through a new wide-angle screen plus DirectClear Technology, in addition to alignment with the SonoSite pillars.

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One of the crucial aspects of making an accurate diagnosis is speed. When handling emergency cases, you need an ultrasound machine that can deliver both speed and accuracy. Sonosite EDGE II should be your device of choice. It enhances performance by boosting contrast resolution and increasing penetration.

Different ultrasound machines can perform various applications. During your search for the right one, you should choose one based on your specific purpose. Through our discussion, we aim at giving you the relevant information regarding Sonosite edge ii to help you make a sound decision.

What is Sonosite edge ii?

SONOSITE EDGE II TransducersMost doctors choose Sonosite edge ii due to its mobility. It is a light-weight machine that is suitable for rugged environments. You can use it within or outside the hospital. It is a durable machine since it has features that extend its lifespan. For instance, it comes with a water-resistant control panel.

The manufacturer equips it with armored cable technology which increases its reliability. The armored cables protect the transducers of Sonosite edge ii from damage. They, therefore, help in maintaining the quality of images over extended use. It is a user-friendly ultrasound machine. You can conduct different exams types such as arterial, superficial, TC, neonatal, breast and cardiology.

Features include:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable
  • 12.1″ LCD display
  • Splash-resistant keyboard
  • 8.5lbs
  • HIPAA Compliant toolset
  • 2D/M-Mode/Velocity Color Doppler/ Color Power Doppler
  • PW/PW Tissue Doppler
  • CW Doppler option
  • SonoADAPT Tissue Optimization
  • Advanced Needle Visualization option

What makes Sonosite edge ii different from other brands?

DirectClear technology

This is the technology that enables the transducers to deliver unmatched imaging experience. It enhances the effectiveness of the transducers. Unlike conventional transducers, the manufacturers of this ultrasound machine embed an extra material into their design to facilitate the production of a strong acoustic signal.

They add a reflective layer on the transducers to prevent them from losing the signal during scanning. The enhancement of the acoustic match makes it easy for you to capture images of small structures within the body of a patient.

Dual flex design

You can visualize a patient’s nerves and vessels in the body thanks to the dual flex design of Sonosite edge ii ultrasound machine. It utilizes advanced systems to enhance color sensitivity and clarity. You can quickly zoom image and achieve a high resolution. Sonosite edge ii has an optimized design that boosts infection control management.

User interface

The interface of this device is straight forward since each control comes with guidelines. You can easily assign the programmable keys on the ultrasound machine to work on different applications. It also contains soft keys that are easy to manipulate. It has a wide-angle display to help you view small images from different angles. This enhances the imaging experience since you can make a proper diagnosis of different conditions. 


The manufacturers design this machine with infection control in mind. It contains a keypad that has a seal which extends to its edges to prevent liquid ingress. Snap-Dome technology makes the machine easy to clean and maintain.

From the time Sonosite invented their first ultrasound system, it has continued providing us with machines that fulfill our every need. Sonosite edge ii is famous for its ease of use, reliability, and durability. Purchase Sonosite edge ii and reduce scanning errors as you improve your ability to make accurate and confident decisions. 

SonoSite Edge II Portable Ultrasound Included:

  • Edge II (Fully opened system with DICOM and other plugins)
  • rP10xi Probe (Cardiac, Abdominal, Deep Tissue)
  • L38xi Probe (Vascular, Soft Tissue, MSK)
  • ECG Cables (Cardiac)
  • Minidock & Traveling Case
  • Rolling Docking Cart

Optional :

  • rC60xi OB Convex Transducer
    Abdominal, Musculoskeletal, and OB-GYN applications
    Scan depth: 30 cm
    5-2 MHz operating frequency
  • HFL38xi Musculoskeletal MSK Transducer
    Arterial, Breast, Lung, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Ophthalmic, Small Parts, and Venous applications
    Scan depth: 6 cm
    13-6 MHz operating frequency

Reference Library

SonoSite Edge II Portable Ultrasound Brochure



  • System weight 9.21 lbs/4.18 kg with battery
  • Dimensions 12.8” x 12.1” x 2.5”/32.6 cm x 30.7 cm x 6.4 cm (L x W x H)
  • Display 12.1”/30.7 cm diagonal LCD (NTSC or PAL) with a chemically etched glass layer

Viewing Angles

  • 85 degrees up/down/left/right


  • All-digital broadband

Dynamic Range

  • Up to 165 dB

Gray Scale

  • 256 shades

HIPAA compliance

  • Comprehensive toolset

Imaging Modes

  • 2D / Tissue Harmonic Imaging / M-Mode
  • Velocity Color Doppler / Color Power Doppler
  • PW, PW Tissue Doppler, and CW
  • Doppler angle, correct after freeze

Imaging Processing

  • SonoADAPT Tissue Optimization
  • SonoHD2 Imaging Technology
  • Dual Imaging, Duplex Imaging, 2x pan/zoom capability, Dynamic range and gain
  • ColorHD Technology

Steep Needle Profiling

  • C35x – Nerve, MSK, Spine
  • HFL38xi – Nerve, MSK, Breast, Small Parts, Arterial, Venous
  • HFL50x – Nerve, MSK, Breast, Small Parts
  • L25x – Nerve, MSK, Arterial, Venous
  • HSL25x – Nerve, MSK, Arterial, Venous
  • L38xi – Nerve
  • rC60xi – Nerve, MSK

User Interface & Remappable Controls

  • Softkeys to drive advanced features
  • Programmable A and B keys: each can be assigned by the user for increased ease of use
  • Low profile keyboard, sealed completely to edge for maximum infection control
  • Softkeys to drive advanced features
  • Programmable A and B keys: each can be assigned by the user for increased ease of use
  • Low profile keyboard, sealed completely to edge for maximum infection control
  • Trackpad with a select key for easy operation and navigation
  • Doppler controls: angle, steer, scale, baseline, gain and volume
  • Image acquisition keys: review, report, clip store, save
  • Dedicated AutoGain and exam keys to allow quick activation
  • Color controls: size/position, angle, scale

Transducers Broadband/Multifrequency

  • DirectClear Technology (rC60xi, rP19x)
  • Armored Cable Technology (Optional on rC60xi, rP19x, L38xi, L52x)
  • Linear Array, Curved Array, Phased Array, Multiplane TEE and Micro-Convex
  • Centerline marker for linear transducers

Transducer Exam Types

  • abdominal, breast, cardiology, gyn, lung, musculoskeletal, neonatal, nerve, ob, ophthalmic, orbital, small parts, spine, superficial, TCD, arterial, venous


  • Drop-tested at 3 feet/91.4 cm

Power Supply

  • The system operates via battery or AC power
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • AC: universal power adapter, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz input, 15 VDC output
  • Less than 25 sec. from power-on to scanning


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