GE Logiq E9 with XDclear Ultrasound System


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GE LOGIQ E9 is the most nimble general goal ultrasound system available on the industry. With fresh technology that is energetic, the LOGIQ E9 allows for a clear and efficient imaging experience on any patient, no matter the body kind.

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Comprehensive Expert tools to help improve diagnostic confidence

Capture excellent images using GE Logiq e9 which comes with advanced technology. It is a versatile ultrasound machine that meets different imaging needs of specialists. It is suitable for applications like abdominal, cardiac, GYN or vascular. You can also use it on interventional procedures such as guided biopsies.

GE Logiq E9 with XDclear Ultrasound System improves the workflow of doctors and reduces errors. It can also boost your confidence during examination and help you make the correct diagnosis. Feel free to take advantage of the numerous innovative features of this ultrasound machine. Go through our discussion to learn more about it.

What is GE Logiq e9?

It is an ultrasound machine that has real-time capabilities to combine previous ultra-sound images with ongoing ultrasound exams. Unlike other forms, GE Logiq e9 makes use of a creative tool known as Volume Navigation. The mechanism in this machine allows you to mark and track a patient’s anatomy during an ultrasound exam.

The manufacturer came up with GE Logiq e9 as a way of addressing some of the major challenges that doctors face during applications such as ultrasound radiology. In the past, not many machines could leverage the clinical images of a previous study for ultrasound procedures. GE Logiq e9 has made this possible thus increasing efficiency in different applications. They developed this ultrasound architecture to simplify imaging modalities in the industry.

What are the key features of GR Logiq e9?

Agile ultrasound

This architecture provides accuracy in measurements. It improves the interaction of sound on different types of body tissue. Thanks to this feature, you can view special anatomy without making a lot of adjustments manually. It saves you time and increases workflow.

Scan assistant

Doctors enjoy the consistency of GE Logiq e9 due to the inclusion of an intuitive scan assistant. It facilitates image acquisition and improves reliability. It makes reviewing images an easy and fast process.

You get to put more emphasis on the diagnosis instead of the keystrokes. You only need to program the actions and let the machine manipulate everything as you scan the patient. It saves you exams time as it completes the measurements for you.

Harmonic imaging

The system contains this feature which enables you to visualize small parts. It also achieves deep penetration on even difficult patients.

Split screen

Feel free to compare different studies using the split screen. This feature allows you to replicate some of the past views. The machine also contains a touchscreen which you can customize according to your specific needs.

Contrast imaging

This component combines different tools to improve scanning. For instance, it includes flash imaging, contrast time and a timed trigger. It offers clear images of the lesion vascularity by enhancing resolution and penetration of body organs like the liver.

GE Logiq e9 is a powerful machine that has innovative tools to boost workflow. It is a popular brand in most hospitals in the US. Purchase it today from an online store and improve imaging performance. It will help you reduce the scan-time and minimize congestion in a hospital.

LOGIQ E9 with XDclear can help you:

  • Deliver extraordinary image quality on a broad spectrum of patient body types.
  • Visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler
  • Enhance your workflow.
  • Integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR, PET, or ultrasound images.
  • Visually track your position during a scan.


  • GE RSP6-16-D Transducer – KTZ157046, H48651MR
  • GE S1-5 Transducer – 5269878, H4908SC
  • GE S4-10-D Transducer – 5336208, H4908SN
  • GE P2D Transducer – TE100024, H4830JE, KTZ280051
  • GE P6D Transducer – TQ100002, H4830JG, KTZ280050
  • GE RAB2-5-D Transducer – KTZ157037, H48651MN
  • GE RAB4-8-D Transducer – KTZ157038, H48651MP, H4865IPM
  • GE L8-18i-D Transducer – 5335525, H40452LL
  • GE M4S-D Transducer – 5224357, H40442LN
  • GE M5S-D Transducer – GE-3MIX, H45551NH
  • GE M6C-D Transducer – KTZ157049, 5182312, H40432LM
  • GE C1-5-D Transducer – 5304539, H40452LE
  • GE 9L-D Transducer – KTZ280048, 5212849, H40442LM
  • GE 6S-D Transducer – 47236955, H45021RR
  • GE 6Tc Multi-plane Cardiac TEE Probe (R2.x.x) – KN100102, H455512D
  • GE 6Tc Multi-plane Cardiac TEE Probe – KN100105, H45551ZD
  • GE 3CRF Transducer – 5196216, H40442LP
  • GE 11L-D Transducer – KTZ157048, 5176908, H40432LN

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