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Monica Novii Wireless Patch System is an intrapartum Maternal/Fetal Monitor that non-invasively measures and shows the fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR) and uterine activity (UA)

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Birthing Experience with Patient Comfort

Monica Novii has two reusable components, the Novii Pod and Novii Interface. The Novii Patch is a single-use, peel-and-stick disposable part, which attaches to the woman’s stomach using comfy biocompatible adhesives. Using the identical surface electrodes, the Novii also acquires and displays the UA tracing from the uterine electromyography (EMG) signal and the MHR tracing from the maternal ECG sign (mECG).

Patients anticipate more during their labor and birthing experience and caregivers are looking for ways to increase patient satisfaction at Hospital Clinic. Patients are often uncomfortable during labor and restrictions on movement can earn that distress increase. Patients are searching for more.

The Monica Novii monitors fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR) and uterine activity (UA), all with just one’peel and sticks’ patch. It is an effective solution for monitoring high BMI patients (Ref 1, 2) and minimizes the danger of maternal/fetal heart rate confusion (Ref 3, 4). In addition, the cable-free program requires no re-positioning (Ref 4, 4 ) and keeps the job environment clear and safe, allowing for simpler observation during some clinical procedures.

Novii Patch has comprised of 5 electrodes and the Novii Pod communicates via Bluetooth. The Novii Patch is fastened to the individual’s belly via adhesive stains – that requires no belts! Read Monica Novii Manual


  • high BMI monitoring
  • minimal training and simple electrode placement and operation
  • enhance performance with new UA extraction for pre and early labor
  • no belts or leads
  • patient-friendly and convenient
  • with High BMI patients, traditional ultrasound/TOCO based monitors can be difficult to use. The Monica Novii offers a solution that does not require a belt or transducer adjustment with minimal performance loss in high BMI women
  • the Monica Novii monitors the maternal and fetal ECG shape to confidently separate the fetal heart rate from the maternal heart rate, even when fetal and maternal heart rates are similar.
  • in room ambulation without transducer repositioning
  • Monica is a single set up device at the start of monitoring, which requires minimal adjustment or repositioning no matter what the fetus or patient does during monitoring
  • midwives and L&D nurses spend less time adjusting the equipment
  • no belts (meaning no pressure or belt irritation)
  • freedom for natural birthing positions
  • increase space around the bed for clinicians and birthing partners
  • enhances the birthing experience
  • no adjustment, allowing women to sleep, change position and mobilize


Monica Novii Wireless Patch System Brochure


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