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LIFEPAK CR Plus AED defibrillator combines Physio-Control’s legacy technology with simplicity and portability so anyone can use at a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

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Simple to use For with no life-saving experience

LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is distinctively designed for use by laypersons with little to no formal AED training. It’s ideal for both settings where the very first individual will frequently lack medical foreknowledge. Its water design coupled to make it a perfect choice for high ranking areas. Additionally, it can boost the energy delivered to some 360 joules.

The Lifepak CR Plus also features easy upkeep to give its consumer reassurance. It performs monthly and weekly self-tests to maintain it optimized for usage that is on-the-fly. Additionally, the battery CHARGE-PAK, as well as the electrodes, are made for the replacement that was synchronized.

Contrary to AEDs with complex prompts and restricted energy for defibrillation, the LIFEPAK CR Plus combines an easy two-step performance, only the correct level of guidance, and the capability to escalate to 360 joules when required.


How does a LIFEPAK CR Plus AED work?

physio-control-cr-plusDuring sudden cardiac arrest, the typically coordinated electric impulses that initiate cardiac contraction (heartbeats) release chaotically, and the heart muscle twitches. An AED applies a brief pulse of current allowing the standard electrical system of the heart to resume control.

Two measures: Putting the device on and implementing the electrode pads to the sufferer. That’s all it may take to create the difference between death from also a higher prospect of survival and sudden cardiac arrest. The CR Plus then takes over, sending the jolt, without anybody pushing on a button and providing voice prompts.

Synchronized replacement of the electrodes and battery life CHARGE-PAK will keep your maintenance burden at a minimum. And each week and monthly self-tests–and a readiness display with four signs –let you know that it’s prepared to do its job.

The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED has the capability to escalate to an industry-leading 360 joules when necessary, providing the power that could be required for hard-to-defibrillate victims. And because the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED uses the same electrodes as LIFEPAK apparatus –the choice of more EMS units worldwide than any other brand–crucial moment can be saved transferring victims to medical care.

The service you require
Put the right training tools and program management support for the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED in place for you and your workers. Physio-Control offers resources like our AED Training System and our AED Challenge refresher training. Our Heart Safe Solutions are intended to supply you with a flexible and comprehensive AED program that’s right for your financial plan.

The Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Package Includes:

• Physio-Control LIFPAK CR Plus AED
• Physio-Control LifePak CR Plus/Express Waterproof Case
• Paediatric Quik-Combo Electrode for LIFEPAK CR PLUS DEFIBRILLATOR
• Adult QUIK-PAK Pads (2 Sets)
• CHARGE-PAK Battery
• Quick Instruction Card
• Reference Manual (CD)
• Orientation DVD
• AED Program Implementation Starter Kit
• Physio-Control LifePak CR Plus Replacement Lid
• 8 Year Warranty from Physio-Control
• FREE AED Physician’s Prescription
• FREE Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
• FREE AED Check Tags
• FREE AED Window Decal




Height: 10.7 cm (4.2 in).

Width: 20.3 cm (8.0 in).

Depth: 24.1 cm (9.5 in), excluding handle.

Weight: 2.0 kg (4.5 lb) with CHARGE-PAK and electrodes.


Waveform: Biphasic truncated exponential, with voltage and current duration compensation for patient impedance.*

Output Energy Sequence: Multiple levels, configurable from 150 joules to 360 joules (200 joules min for Japan). Factory default settings of 200J, 300J, 360J.

Output Energy Accuracy: ±10% into 50 ohms, ±15% into 25 to 100 ohms.

Shock Advisory System: An ECG analysis system that advises whether a shock is appropriate; meets rhythm recognition criteria specified in DF39.

 The device charges for shock only when the Shock Advisory System advises defibrillation.

Device Capacity:

Typical: Thirty (30) full discharges or 210 minutes of “on time” with a fully charged device.

Minimum: Twenty (20) full discharges or 140 minutes of “on time” with a fully charged device.

Shock Charge Time: Charge times with a fully charged device: 200 joules in less than 9 seconds, 360 joules in less than 15 seconds.

System Recharge Times: Recharge times with a fully discharged device: Able to deliver 6 shocks or provide 42 minutes of operating time after 24 hours of recharge time and 20 shocks or 140 minutes of operating time after 72 hours of recharge time with a new CHARGE-PAK at temperatures above 15° C (59° F).


Lid Release/ON-OFF—Controls device power.

Shock button (semi-automatic version)—delivers defibrillation energy. After electrodes are attached to a patient, the fully automatic version of the device delivers a shock, if appropriate, not requiring operator intervention.

Electrical Protection: Input protected against high voltage defibrillator pulses per IEC60601-1/EN60601-1.

Safety Classification: Internally powered equipment. IEC60601-1/EN60601-1.


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